God or Blind Nature?
Philosophers Debate the Evidence (2007-2008)

Edited and with Introductions by
Paul Draper


General Introduction and Acknowledgements

Section One: Mind and Will

Introduction to Section One

Meet the Authors: Andrew Melnyk, Stewart Goetz, and Charles Taliaferro

Melnyk's Argument

A Case for Physicalism about the Human Mind

Goetz & Taliaferro's Objections

Objections to Melnyk's Case for Physicalism

Melnyk's Reply

Physicalism and the First-Person Point of View

Goetz & Taliaferro's Argument

An Argument from Consciousness and Free Will

Melnyk's Objections

Naturalism, Free Choices, and Conscious Experiences

Goetz & Taliaferro's Reply

Reply to Melnyk's Objections


Section Two: Evil and Evolution

Introduction to Section Two

Meet the Authors: Paul Draper and Alvin Plantinga

Draper's Argument

Natural Selection and the Problem of Evil

Plantinga's Objections

Objections to Draper's Argument from Evil

Draper's Reply

On the Plausibility of Naturalism and the Seriousness
of Arguments from Evil

Plantinga's Argument

Naturalism vs. Evolution: A Religion/Science Conflict?

Draper's Objections

In Defense of Sensible Naturalism

Plantinga's Reply

Against "Sensible" Naturalism


Section Three: Science and the Cosmos

Introduction to Section Three

Meet the Authors: Quentin Smith, Paul Draper, and Robin Collins

Smith's Argument

A Cosmological Argument for a Self-Caused Universe

Collins' Objections

Objections to Smith's Cosmological Argument

Draper & Smith's Reply

Collins on Cannons and Cosmology

Collins' Argument

The Case for Cosmic Design

Draper's Objections

Collins' Case for Cosmic Design

Collins' Reply

Clarifying the Case for Cosmic Design


Section Four: Faith and Uncertainty

Introduction to Section Four

Meet the Authors: John Schellenberg and Jeffrey Jordan

Schellenberg's Argument

What Divine Hiddenness Reveals, or How Weak Theistic Evidence is Strong Atheistic Proof

Jordan's Objections

The Sounds of Silence: Why the Divine Hiddenness Argument Fails

Schellenberg's Reply

The Sounds of Silence Stilled: A Reply to Jordan on Hiddenness

Jordan's Argument

Theistic Belief and Religious Uncertainty

Schellenberg's Objections

Jordan's Jamesian Wager

Jordan's Reply

On Joining the Ranks of the Faithful